Alexander (Original)

Category Cocktail
Served in Cocktail glass


  1. 2 cl .. Gin
  2. 2 cl .. Creme de Cacao
  3. 2 cl .. Cream


Shake all on Ice and strain into a Cocktail Glass.



How to Make a Brandy Alexander Cocktail -

How to Cocktail: Brandy Alexander This creamy classic cocktail makes the perfect nightcap. advisory board member Dushan Zaric shows you the ...

Brandy Alexander Cocktail Drink Recipe

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Brandy Alexander Cocktail Drink Recipe

Brandy Alexander Cocktail Drink Recipe A classic old school cocktail, becoming popular in the early 20th century. Purportedly named for Czar Alexander II.

How to make a Brandy Alexander - Classic Cocktails

Let's get back to the classics this week. There's many theories as to where the name of this drink came from. Lot's of people named Alexander like to lay claim to ...