Broken down golf cart

Category Shot
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  1. 0.5 oz .. Amaretto
  2. 0.5 oz .. Midori melon liqueur
  3. dash .. Lime juice


Shaken and strained through ice !!! Mmmmm.....



How to Make Shots - Broken Down Golf Cart

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How to make a Broken Down Golf Cart Shot #4

This week we're doing a Broken Down Golf Cart. Why do they call it a Broken Down Golf Cart??? Recipe found here ...

Broken Down Golf Cart

Amaretto and Midori team up to make a light green slightly sweet shooter. It's tasty and maintains the art of simplicity.

Broken Down Golf Cart Shot Recipe

A sweet shot that ladies will surely love. The Broken Down Golf Cart is a great mix of the tartness from Lime Juice combined with the sweetness of Melon Liqueur ...