Pink Panty Pulldowns

Category Ordinary Drink
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  1. 1 L .. Sprite
  2. 2 cups .. Pink lemonade
  3. 2 cups .. Vodka


Shake well



Pink Panty Dropper Recipe - The Pink Panty Dropper is a popular punch bowl drink served at parties, weddings, and your local dive bar. Our version is made with ...

Pink Panty Dropper Punch

Here's the recipe: PINK PANTY DROPPER PUNCH 12 12oz Cans of Beer 24 oz Can Pink Lemonade Concentrate 24 oz. (720ml) Vodka Lemon Slices ...

How to make Pink Panty Drink + party highlights!!!

Hey ladies this is how I make pink panties, everyone has there own twist to it, just have fun!!! Remember to drink responsibly and make sure you are 21 yrs. or ...

How To Make "Pink Panty Droppers" AKA "Skip and go naked" drink

Great drink for large group events! THIS IS VERY STRONG make sure not to over do yourself it WILL catch up with you very quickly... Full Batch 30 x 12 oz cans ...