501 Blue

501 Blue Edit

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Ordinary Drink


  1. Blue Curacao -> 1/5 part
  2. Blueberry schnapps -> 1/5 part
  3. Vodka -> 1/5 part
  4. Sour mix -> 1/5 part
  5. 7-Up -> 1/5 part

How to mix

  1. Mix equal amounts into a glass with ice.
  2. Enjoy


501 Blues

A cocktail of blue color and great flavor. From Blue Curacao (the blue part), Blueberry Schnapps (we're using Blueberry Vodka) some sweet/sour and sprite and ...

501 Blue

http://www.wodkaboys.nl/501-blue/ Een spannende, zoete en blauwe cocktail dit keer. De 501 Blue.

How To Make The Blue Denim Cocktail

A little tart bite, a cool color and very little vodka flavors. While it's not sweet, it's not sour either. A nice little cocktail to start the evening or finish one.

Poseidon Cocktail

We're starting Saint Patrick's Day early with a green style drink. Midori, Sprite and FINALLY, our Senior Curacao of Curacao has arrived... in Blue!

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